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  • Having had our nearly 3 year old granddaughter living with us for the past 2 and a half years, our carpet got pretty marked up. Juice, cordial, squashed banana, you name it, she did it. We were debating whether to get the carpet cleaned or rip it up coz it was pretty bad. Anyway, we came across Doug and he seemed like an honest guy starting up his own business with all the credentials required so we gave him a go. OMGOSH!! The carpet looks amazing!! Doug has done an absolutely brilliant job. The marks are gone and the pile has risen again. I am gobsmacked at the result. Highly recommend Doug to clean your carpets. He was on time, courteous and thorough. And an awesome price! Thanks again for saving us thousands for recarpeting Doug

– Tracey James 9/12/15 (fb)

  • The Owner of my rented house thanked me for leaving the house ’IMMACULATE’ after Doug steam cleaned the ’40-year old Wool Carpet’ in the lounge/dining and 3 bedrooms with true skill and professionalism.

    The carpet needed urgent attention after staining from excess wetness, for which Doug applied his drying machine and knowledge to expertly remove the brown stains that occurred from the old-style underlay. He also had the ability to be on time and to communicate when appropriate by phone, along with a keen interest in gaining a full understanding of my concerns and my desired outcome.

    I received assistance from a really conscientious and willing worker, along with a smile and friendly chat, which took the pressure right off me. The job I paid for, at a modest rate, was done exceptionally well ! (Surprising, but true!).

– Kerry Webber 10/02/2015 (fb)

  • Anyone looking for a carpet cleaner guy use this one. He does a great job. I msg him late one night and it was no problem for him. He was there first thing and the job was A1. Great fella . Top job.

– Dave Corr 17/02/2015 (fb)

  • I went out early one morning and came back to clean carpets – made a BIG difference to appearance of my home! Thank you, Mr Greenglove! Very happy with the results of your visit.

– Ingrid Mary 5/04/14 (fb)

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