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Green Glove Carpet Cleaning provides the Affordable Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne, Cranbourne, Narre Warren, Pakenham, Mornington

Acquire In-Depth Knowledge on What to Expect from Professional Carpet Cleaning Service

The number one factor would be to find someone who has been professionally trained & accredited, and is familiar with the aspects of cleaning all types of carpet fiber. Just as important is finding someone who is fully insured, giving you peace of mind that you are covered should there be an accidental breakage or mishap. Preferably, a company offering carpet cleaning Cranbourne should also be able to provide you with a satisfaction guarantee upon completion of any work they undertake. Some carpet cleaners charge for extra services such as vacuuming or the moving of furniture. Ask as many questions as you can regarding what might affect the price. Finally, the condition of your carpet can greatly affect the type of service you may need to get the result you are looking for. Heavily soiled carpet requires extra work, which can increase the price. Be honest when describing the condition of your carpet over the phone, mention any soiling or staining if there is any, and if you can, have an idea of the size of the rooms in question to be cleaned. Ideally, the quote you are given should match the final price, but unfortunately many factors makes an over the phone quote susceptible to misquotation. The best advice is to ask if you can get an onsite quote before booking a service, this way the quote is sure to reflect the final price.

Dry Clean v/s Steam Clean while choosing carpet cleaning Mornington

This is the most common question asked to me by my customers, which one is the best? My response is always the same answer; steam carpet cleaning service is by far a more superior method for giving your carpet a deep, thorough & restorative clean. In fact, most carpet manufacturers recommend regular steam cleaning as opposed to dry cleaning when it comes to maintaining clean, healthy carpet. Without going into too much detail, the processes involved with steam carpet cleaning Mornington effectively treat the entire length of the fibers in the carpet, dislodging any dirt or soiling that may be trapped at the base of the pile. One of the final processes is to rinse the cleaning solution from the carpet. This step ensures that there is no residue left on the fibers, which is very important, as remaining residue can act as a magnet to minute dust and soil particles, resulting in possible rapid re-soiling of the treated area. If waiting several hours for carpet in the home to dry is unappealing, there are options available now that assist with the drying process, bonnet drying or air movers being 2 examples that can shorten the drying time by anywhere up to 1 1/2 hours. Dry cleaning, despite the term, usually uses a small amount of moisture, as most cleaning solutions are water based. The carpet is first given a light spray with the solution which traps the soil particles from the fiber, and is then removed via a rotating ‘bonnet’ or ‘pad’. This process is not as effective at getting down to the base of the pile, and as there is no rinsing, can result in residue being left behind on the carpet, which can, as mentioned above, cause the treated areas to rapidly re-soil. The Dry cleaning service Cranbourne will entail carpet cleaning, but is only recommended on very well maintained carpet or to be used as an interim clean between regular ‘restorative’ steams cleaning.

Processes used during Green Glove Steam Cleaning service Melbourne

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